Storm – by Tim Minchin – Graphic Novel with my translation

Storm – by Tim Minchin – Graphic Novel with my translation

Just Arrived: I am really proud. This was one of my most exciting Jobs during the Pandemia

“Storm” is a legendary Beat/ Spoken Word Poem by Australian Musician, Comedian, Actor & Poet Tim Minchin. This must be one of the most successful Spoken Word Poems in the English speaking World.

Storm is a poem about a typical dinner party conversation about superstition, homeopathy,auras, water with memory and a denial of scientific facts and critical thinking. It has been called an anthem of critical thinking. A very up-to-date topic in conspiracy theories and the denial of basic scientific facts growing in a way I never expected.

Storm started out as a Spoken Word Part of Tim Minchin´s live program, turned into a Jazz Poem, was transformed into an extremely successful animated movie and from there to a graphic novel. I translated poetry since my youth but this was quite a challenge. A very long and tricky poem combining australian Slang with Shakespearean rhymes & allusions, a poem with a strong rhythm and a clear message. And all this needed to work with the graphic too. Quite impossible to do. But I guess, this is the real fun of translation – to try things that seem to be impossible!

ab sofort bestellbar im Alibri Verlag: Tim Minchin – Storm

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