“you were by far the best moderator of the week. Thank you so much” (Jennifer Ann Weir, Associate Executive Director, Canada FBM 2021)

I have 25 years of experience in curating and hosting Literature, Poetry, Performance, Intermedia events of all sizes. I am specialized in presenting new international Poetry, Spoken Word and interdisziplinary projects involving music, art, performance and poetry.

Introduction, Performance & Talk with Vivek Shraya (Canada), Frankfurt Bookfair 2021

Introduction & Organisation of Poetry Concert by Anja Zag Golob & Drago Ivanusa (Slowenia), Frankfurt Bookfair 2021

Talk with Giorgi Lobzhanidze & Stefan Monhardt (Georgia Stage), Bookfair 2018

As artist and curator I have been working with extremely diverse groups and cultures from all over the world. Cultural sensitivity and respect especially towards minority groups or indigineous cultures are the center of my work.

Between worlds – Sami Poetry between Joik and Rap, City Library 2018


I have been curating small underground poetry readings and big festivals, working together with national and international institutions. I have been hosting and organizing Poetry Slam events of all sizes since 1996, including the organizing of German National Slam in 2003. Since 2007 I am responsible for the Frankfurt Youth Slam and special events.

talk with Miriam van Hee, Netherland, Hessisches Literaturforum, 2016

I have also been curating and hosting events in cooperation with Frankfurt Cultural Department, Goethe Institute, City Library, Literaturhaus Frankfurt, Hessisches Literaturforum, Schauspielfrankfurt (Frankfurt Theater), Haus am Dom, Evangelische Stadtakademie, Museums (e.g. Kunsthalle Schirn, Goethemuseum, Historical Museum), Writers Union (VS), Literaturgesellschaft Hessen and many other institutions.

2020-2022 hosting the literature podcast “Wortsalon Schlitz” with Silke Hartmann in cooperation with Kulturamt Frankfurt.

1997 – 2020 I was hosting a monthly one hour radio show about literature and culture at lokal Frankfurt Radio, Radio X

Since 2014 I am curating and hosting events for the “Guest of Honour” projects at Bookfair Frankfurt, presenting poetry, performance, music, discussions in an interdisziplinary setting at the bookfair and outside the bookfair.

My main goal is to create interesting, entertaining and outstanding events for a broad and potentially younger audience. I am also offering discussions on many current issues, meeting and cooperation with german artists, international workshops and city walks for visiting writers.

talk with Rati Amaglobeli & Shalva Bakuradze, Georgia Pavillon, Frankfurt Bookfair 2018
Sweat & Poetry Tour with Esa Hirvonen, Harri Hertell, Heli Slunga , Kasper Salonen (Finland) & Mikko Fritze (Goethe Institute), Dida Zende (FireFitSauna) 2014


I have been working with “Guests of Honour”
Canada (2020/21)
Norway (2019)
Georgia (2018)
Netherlands & Flandria (2016)
Indonesia (2015)
Finnland (2014)


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