I am performing and teaching poetry & performance at schools, youth clubs, in prisons & other social institutions. Performances can be either Spoken Word or Dada/Soundpoetry.

Recent performances:
Gutenberg-Schule, Wiesbaden 2019
Martin-Buber-Schule, Groß-Gerau 2019
Konrad-Zuse-Schule, Hünfeld 2018
Wigbert-Schule, Hünfeld 2018
IGS Nordend, Frankfurt, Kulturtagjahr, 2016-2018, Altana Stiftung
Holbeinschule, Frankfurt 2017
IGS Stierstadt
Helmholzschule, Frankfurt
Text & Sound, Alumni-Workshop, Polytechnische Gesellschaft, Schirn Musicschool, Frankfurt, 2016
International Workshop for young adults from Flandria, Netherlands and Germany, 2016
UNAM Mexico City2015
Albert-Einstein-Schule, Maintal 2015
10 Schools & Colleges in Chennai, India 2014 (in Collaboration with Prakriti Poetry Festival and Goethe Institute)
Albert-Einstein-Schule, Maintal, Stauffenbergschule, Ziehen-Schule, ´Otto-Hahn-Schule, Frankfurt 2015


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