No More Mono Poetry – Soundpoetry Loops & Minimal Spoken Word.

“Whew, ever since Jaap Blonk I didn’t hear such an inherently consistent „voicism“.”
Rigobert Dittmann”, Bad Alchemy #81

Interview about Sound Poetry, Loops & Repetition

Müüü – sound poetry loops (CD) on Atemwerft Label

„No more mono poetry“ is the newest version of my live-program for solo voice & loop pedal. The program is pushing the boundaries of what can be said and heard. It moves in an open space between soundpoetry and spoken word, speech, sound and noise, incantation and music, improvisation and composition. The basic element of performance is a loop pedal, creating intense rhythmic and repetitive structures as well as word/sound-sculptures that consist of multiple sound-layers.

at Poezie en Voz Alta, Mexico City 2016. Foto: Natali Gaia
at Poezie en Voz Alta, Mexico City 2016. Foto: Natali Gaia















“No more mono poetry” is part of a work-in-progress project with a steady mix of older & new pieces and new arrangements of old pieces. Parts of the program have been performed in Germany and at international shows and Festivals. Other parts of the show will be presented for the first time.

Different version of these pieces were published in print, audio & video and online, e.g. “gruenrecorder,” Frankfurt, “Another Hemisphere Records,” Moscow, “Playing with words”, International Anthology of Sound Poetry, London, “nokturno”, Helsinki, “Revista Laboratorio”, Santiago de Chile.
The live program has been presented in solo shows and festivals in India, Mexico, USA, Spain, Finland, Estonia, Czechia, Romania, Austria & Germany.

A full liveprogram is 60min but can also be shown in smaller parts. Minimum length 20-30min.The program needs a regular singing sound system (P.A.), singing microphone, XLR cables, monitor or at least a powerful active speaker system.


“In fact, it would be easier to describe this wonderful disc as a collection of musique concrète tracks based on “disarticulated voices” (Allen S Weiss). A rhythm emerges from a mere breath sample, a loop from a mere coughing, … via the use of repetitive, remorseless loops, fragmented vocals, radical speed modification, choruses build from the accumulation of multiple utterances of the same word, etc, Huelstrunk elaborates abstract vocal explorations from carefully selected samples and loops. So much so that, when his voice appears untreated, it is a deliberate surprise. In all cases, the simplicity of the means employed ensures great immediacy and proximity with the vocalist. Also note that, as an album, Müüü is painstakingly constructed, leading you from abstraction to intelligible speech, from noise to language, from a personal to a collective dimension.[reviewed by continuo]

müüüü (Titletrack of CD “MÜÜÜ) – live at phonophon/institut für neue medien, frankfurt 2014

Das Weisse/white thing – live at phonophon/institut für neue medien, frankfurt 2014

Repetition (excerpt) with audience participation – live at Wisconsin Fellowshiop of Poets Conference, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA 2011

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