JIRK – PEPPUESIE German/Finnish Elektropoesie (germ/engl/finnish)
Dirk HuelsTrunk (Frankfurt): Voice, Loops, Effekte
Juha Valkeapää (Helsinki): Voice

Since 2010 the Finnish performance artist Juha Valkeapää and the German Soundpoet Dirk HuelsTrunk develop their idea of „improvised soundtranslations“. Loops & electrostatic charging,  friction & fusion, bread & butter, rhythm & play,  sauna & brainwaives, meditation and nonsense are their tools to find a way through the shrubs of their (nearly) incompatible languages. Following a joint residency stay in Sysmä (FIN), they performed in Helsinki, Turku, Jyväskyklä and Frankfurt am Main (GER) and also recorded at Pajuhla Studios, Sysmä.

Juha Valkeapää (b. 1964), a vocal & performance artist. Since 1993, six hundred performances of one hundred and thirty different works in twenty-four countries – solos and various group works – vocal & sound & performance art, theatre, music, dance. Plus sound installations, soundscapes and compositions for exhibitions, radio, theatre and dance performances. Valkeapää is based in Helsinki, Finland.


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