Since 2001 I have given workshops in German and English for youth, adults, teachers, writers, artists & other professionals for schools, universities and other cultural institutions.

Creative Writing
Poetry Slam/ Spoken Word
How to present a text on stage

In my workshops I combine elements of classical creative writing with performance and voice training. I believe that text and performance are closely connected. Through performance it is sometimes possible to get a better understanding of the text and to identify text problems. The combination of text and performance exercise is escpecially helpful for everyone who is afraid to speak in public.























Teaching experience (selection):
Since 2008 I have held a lectureship (Aesthetics) at University of Applied Science, Frankfurt
Since 2007 I am teaching regular youth workshop at Hessisches Literaturforum, Frankfurt
Since 2001 Workshops in German Schools.

International Workshops/ Lectures

LiteraTour, Youth Workshop for young writers from  Flandria, Netherlands and Germany for flemish cultural house Brakke Grond, 2016
Writers House, Turku, Finland, 2016, Writers Workshop
Art Academy, Turku, Finland 2015, Artist Workshop for Students
Centro Cultural España en México 2015, Mixed Artist/ Writers Workshop
UNAM, Mexico City 2015, Lecture for Studens
Universities & Colleges, Chennai, India 2014, Workshops & Lectures for Students & TeachersYouth Gesamtschule Giessen, Ost, 2013, Youth Workshop with English class
Pontes Festival, Rijeka & Krk, Croatia 2012, lecture & panel discussion “Teaching Poetry in Germany”
University of Wisconsin, Beloit College Wisconsin, Shimer College Chicago 2011, Introduction to Sound Poetry.
Goethe Institute, Zagreb & Krk, 2001 & 2003 International Youth Poetry Slam workshop



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