Poems against Reality – Words of RevoLotion.
Minimal spoken word

basically a German program but some some the poems have been translated to English, Spanish, Finnish, Estonian, Czech.

What do you need for RevoLotion. Where is my RevoLotion? How do animals react? What are the sounds of RevoLotion? Why is there so much misunderstanding? Why do we need metaphors? Or words?
These are the fundamental questions “Words of RevoLotion” asks. HuelsTrunks attitude is strictly revoLotionary. Misspellings and misunderstandings are the basis for a new consciousness. Fragments of speach and revoLotionary pamphlets are looped and mixed with magical word rhythms. Language is completely corrupted. A sound-collage of nonsense and despair, 100% live, no preservatives added.

The RevoLotion is perfect for any institutions like schools, prisons, parlaments, job centers. The RevoLotion needs a speaker system. In few cases the RevoLotion can also come unplugged.

Parts of this program have been performed in India, Mexico, USA, Finland, Estonia, Spain

Poem Against War
Poem Against Everything





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