A pile of frames – sound poetry moves at “bodies of sound” festival, Berlin

I am performing “a pile of frames” with dancer Milla Koistinen in Berlin at:

Bodies of Sound

On Saturday 30th of August 2014, 6:30PM
at Haubrok Studios in Lichtenberg, Berlin

Welcome to a night of performances with nine international artists coming together for an exceptional selection of ground-breaking works in the field of site-specific performance, installation and sound experience.

Bodies of Sound takes place at a historical site of Fahrbereitschaft, renowned for Axel Haubrok’s art collection. The event, curated by Lola Lustosa, will take you on a journey through a number of performances and presentations from Moo Kim (KR), Milla Koistinen (FIN) & Dirk HuelsTrunk (GER), Camila Rhodi (BR), Obi Blanche (FIN), Lolita Terrorist Sounds (IT), Martha Hincapié Charry (COL), Ava Rocha (BR) & Negro Leo (BR).

Location: Haubrok Studios, Herzbergstrasse 40-43, Lichtenberg, Berlin.

How to get there: Take M8 (tram) from Rosenthaler Platz and get off at Herzbergstrasse/Industriegebiet.


!!! Please note that this is a private event for which we are able to accommodate a maximum of 150 guests. We kindly request you to RSVP to info@musterzimmer.net !!!


Sounds of nature, a sparkling reception starting at 6:30 pm

Moo Kim (KR): oMomKi

Milla Koistinen (FIN) & Dirk HuelsTrunk (GER): A pile of frames

Camila Rhodi (BR): Voices

Obi Blanche (FIN)

Lolita Terrorist Sounds (IT): I wish I could disappear in a big piece of art

Martha Hincapié Charry (COL): Stoff

Ava Rocha (BR) & Negro Leo (BR): Political and spiritual memories in Berlin

– Bodies of Sound is curated by Lola Lustosa for Musterzimmer –


“ I am a noisy Animal ”
Sayaka Osaki, 2011, Japanise poet, poem: Noisy Animal, book: “Yubisasukotoga dekinai” which means “Can’t be pointed out”. In Japanese letters “??????????”, 2014, Seidosha. She was writing about her perception of social/politics after the Fukushima disaster.

“We do not know what a body can do”
Baruch Spinoza, Ethics III, 1677.

“A sound mind in a sound Body”
Thales, pre-Socratic Greek philosopher , 624-546 BC.

Does a Sound Body Mean a Sound Mind?


with support from: Finnish Cultural Foundation

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