A pile of frames – sound poetry moves with Milla Koistinen (dance)

Back in Berlin:  the sound poetry dance projekt „a pile of frames“ with myself and Finnish dancer/choreographer Milla Koistinen will be presented at Literaturhaus „Lettretage“ in Kreuzberg, Berlin together with a surprise concert by the international „sugar4tett“

a pile of frames:
Milla Koistinen (FIN): dance/choreography
Dirk HuelsTrunk (GER): voice text sound loops

An intermedia performance between, dance, poetry, music & soundart. A performance about construction, hyperconstruction and deconstruction, about rules and chance, space and densitiy, memory, intensity and transformation through repetition.

is a Berlin based improvising string quartet with:
Elfa Rún Kristinsdóttir (Iceland)
Paul Valikoski (Canada)
Gregoire Simon (France)
Michael Rauter (Switzerland/Germany)





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