Office of despensable words – installation/performance – Olonhuone Turku 306,4 km²

Office of dispensable words  
Poetic-bureaucratic installation/performance by Dirk Huelstrunk (GER)  in the yard of the Turku City Library during Olohuone 306,4qm Festival, Turku (Finland) from June 10-13.

Daily performances & open poetry stage

The „office of dispensible words“ is an interactive art & social project about exchanging, sharing, optimizing and efficiency. What is necessary/ unnecessary? How effective can art be? Is art most efficient without a purpose, creating free and playful nonsense?
This question will be raised by a German artist, mostly speaking English in a bilingual Finnish-Swedish surrounding. Turku artists and poets are invited to exchange, discuss & perform in this context.

During office hours, you can hand in unwanted, unnecessary words. In return you will get a receipt and a surprise word you can fill with new exciting meaning. Dispensible words will be registered and recycled in script and sound. The results will be displayed and performed & discussed during performance hours.

Office hours:
We       10.6. klo 11-14, Thu       11.6. klo 11-14
Fr          12.6. klo 14-16, Sa         13.6. klo 11-13

live-program: words we don´t need here

We 10.6. 14 – 15:30h
„reduced“ opening performance by Dirk Huelstrunk & Juha Kulmala & discussion

Thu 11.6. klo 14-15.30
„deleted I“ performance by Dirk Huelstrunk & guest & open poety stage

Fr 12.6. klo 16-17.30
„deleted II“ performance by Dirk Huelstrunk & Daniil Kozlov & open poetry stage

Sa 13.6. klo 15-16
„recycled“ closing performance by Dirk Huelstrunk & guest

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