dance- & text sound loop performance
Milla Koistinen (FIN): dance choreography
Dirk HuelsTrunk (GER): voice text sound loops

Watch extracts (from premiere at Gallus Theater)

Technical requirements:
Soundsystem for instrument & microphone input, monitors
Minimum space of 5m x 5m, preferably a dancefloor (wood/other soft material)

Working period:
winter – summ /2014, supported by KONE Foundation

Premiere at Gallus Theater Frankfurt Jan 22th..
Forum Box Gallery, Helsinki, May 15th, Writers House, Jyväskylä May 17th, Kivimakasiini, Mynämäki, May 18th, Gallery Titanik, Turku, May 18th
Festina Lente, cirque electrique, Paris, June 24st

“A pile of frames” is a series of movement and vocal sound pieces in the format of a concert. It consists of short structured improvisations (6-10min) and altogether will be approximately 1 hour. It can be performed not only in theatres but also in galleries, museums or other public spaces. Shorter versions can also be performed at festivals or special events. Languages involved are German & English but the use of words is minimalistic and sound oriented, so the project can be understood internationally.

The project was initiated in Saari residence, Finland in September-October 2012.

In a series of short structured improvisations dancer Milla Koistinen and Sound Poet Dirk HuelsTrunk are testing basic parameters of speech-sound and movement: constructing, defining, shifting & deconstructing. Through variations and repetitions basic structures are arranged and and piled until the pile of frames starts to move, tip and open again.

an intermedia performance between, dance, poetry, music & soundart.
a performance about construction, hyperconstruction and deconstruction, about rules and chance, space and densitiy, memory, intensity and transformation through repetition.


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