A pile of frames – sound poetry moves/ with Milla Koistinen

A PILE OF FRAMES dance- & text sound loop performance

Wed, 22.1.2014, 20 Uhr
Gallus Theater, Kleyerstrasse 15, 60326 Frankfurt

Milla Koistinen (FIN): dance choreography, Dirk HuelsTrunk (GER): voice text sound loops

In a series of short structured improvisations dancer Milla Koistinen and Sound Poet Dirk HuelsTrunk are testing basic parameters of speech-sound and movement: constructing, defining, shifting & deconstructing. Through variations and repetitions basic structures are arranged and and piled until the pile of frames starts to move, tip and open again.

an intermedia performance between, dance, poetry, music & soundart.
a performance about construction, hyperconstruction and deconstruction, about rules and chance, space and densitiy, memory, intensity and transformation through repetition.

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